A Little Bit About Us


We are a husband and wife photography team

based in Arizona in the winter and Long Island, New York in the summer

who loves natural light film photography.

To clarify, we are what are known as

a hybrid shooter, employing both the use of film in

medium format, 35mm and digital technology.

Film and digital photography both have their place.

Often, we get asked why are you shooting film again?

The answer is very simple.


Film affords our photography style a timeless air about it with unmatched colors.

It requires us to slow down and think about how we compose each shot, the lighting, the emotions, the styling.

Digital is great for the fast paced photographs showing

the “first look”, your “first kiss”, the wild dancing shots in the reception.

It is very easy in today’s modern world to be swept up

by new trends and ideas showcased on Pinterest,

wedding blogs and even other photography sites.

But, our style of photography guarantees you

that your wedding photos will look as good in fifty years

as they did when they were captured on your wedding day.


We adore traveling to shoot weddings all over the globe.

Photographing weddings has been a lifelong passion of ours.

We would love to be able to document your day through our eyes

in the only way we know how,

authentic, genuine and classic.



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